Centralized Citrix NetScaler Management

AppViewX and Citrix Joint Solution

AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution is a comprehensive platform to manage and monitor NetScaler ADCs (compatible with versions v9 and v10). AppViewX leverages NetScaler NITRO APIs to offer the abstraction of device and application service management in a centralized interface. It offers various management capabilities that include backup and restore and configuration creation and modification. It also provides predictive analysis of statistics, operational functionalities for service rotation, and end-to-end certificate lifecycle management.

Solution Highlights

  • Trusted and verified solution to manage all versions of NetScaler 9.x and 10.x series ADCs
  • Automated device backup with device- and object-level restoration
  • Granular, role-based access control, supporting self-servicing capabilities for application and network teams across different silos
  • Holistic view of application services across NetScaler ADCs
  • User-defined dashboards to monitor and manage application services
  • Customizable, template-based request system for change management that is tied to a workflow engine
  • Integration with ticketing system for incident and change management
  • Integration with DDI systems
  • REST API availability for integration with in-house/other automation tools
  • Alerting and reporting capabilities on application services
  • Audit log and change modification logs to keep track of changes
  • Predictive analysis of device and application statistics up to 3 months, leveraging a built-in big data Hadoop engine
  • SSL certificate generation, renewal, and revocation on NetScaler ADCs
  • Advanced alerting and reporting on certificate status, renewal, and expiration


  • Single management window for all NetScalers
  • Automation and self-service for ADC deployments
  • Increased operational efficiency among cross-functional network teams
  • Reduced manual configuration errors across the network
  • End-to-end lifecycle management of SSL certificates on NetScalers

About Citrix System, Inc.

Citrix Systems is the world’s most advanced application delivery controller for mobile and web. Citrix NetScaler is deployed in thousands of networks around the globe to optimize, secure and control the delivery of all enterprise and cloud services, and to maximize the end user experience for all users including mobile clients. Citrix currently services around 330,000 organizations worldwide and is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For more information, visit www.citrix.com.