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Digital Identity Protection

As digital transformation continues to accelerate, the number of trusted digital identities is significantly surpassing human identities, introducing critical blind spots that negatively impact security, compliance and operational integrity. With potential shifts in industry standards, such as Google's proposal to reduce TLS certificate validity from 13 months to 90 days, the emphasis on effective and automated digital identity management becomes indispensable.

In this roadshow series, AppViewX customers, partners and experts will dive deep into the emerging trend of identity at the core of zero trust initiatives. Join and discover how you can ensure and manage trusted identities for your machines, workloads, applications, and cloud services to keep your organization secure and protected. Gain insights on how to proactively address the impact of India’s New Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Act, 2023, and learn how to seamlessly incorporate CI/CD guidelines.

What to expect?

Emerging Trends

Expert analysis of the significance and challenges presented by the rapid growth in digital identities.

The Imperative for Automation

Discussion on the increasing importance of automation in digital identity management to prevent potential system downtime and security vulnerabilities by industry leaders.

Deep Dives

Valued AppViewX customers and strategic partners will present detailed sessions focusing on why identity is central in reinforcing zero trust architectures.

Forward-thinking Solutions

An exploration of methodologies to establish and maintain trusted identities for diverse infrastructures, from machines and applications to workloads and cloud services from SMEs.

Upcoming Roadshows

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March, 2024
Digital Identity Protection Roadshow | Europe
April, 2024

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