SSH Access Control

Streamline SSH lifecycle management and access control

Discover and manage all SSH certificates and keys to identify and mitigate security risks associated with rogue keys and SSH sprawl

Thousands to Millions of Overlooked SSH Keys Put Your Organization at Risk

Lack of Visibility and Control

SSH keys can be generated easily and on an ad-hoc basis. As a result, SSH keys multiply quickly and without oversight. Organizations typically have little visibility and control over the thousands to millions of SSH keys in their environment.

Static, Stale and Stray Keys

SSH keys do not expire, resulting in weak, outdated or inactive keys overtime. Meanwhile, initial SSH access can lead to unnoticed access forever, creating backdoors for attackers.

SSH Key Sprawl

Large volumes of dispersed, unmanaged and untracked SSH keys, also known as key sprawl, poses a major security threat to organizations.

Manual Processes

Manual SSH access provisioning and key lifecycle management is challenging, time-consuming, and error-prone, especially at scale.

Unmanaged SSH Certificates and Keys Are a Serious Enterprise Security Liability

Application Outages and Downtime

Performing necessary SSH key rotations without visibility into all SSH keys and access, can cause major applications to break.

Attacks and Breaches

SSH keys that are left untracked or unmanaged can open a back door for attackers to gain long-term unauthorized access to the network, mission critical systems and sensitive data.

Poor Auditing and Compliance

Lack of awareness and policies around SSH keys and access leads to vulnerabilities and security weaknesses, in turn, causing auditing and compliance issues.

Resource Inefficiencies

Manual SSH key lifecycle management hinders productivity. Time-consuming processes like manual key rotations and bulk access provisioning are slow and error-prone.

Take Control of SSH Certificates and Keys to Lock Down Access with AppViewX CERT+

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AppViewX CERT+

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AppViewX PKI+

A turn-key, cloud-based, scalable, and highly secure PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS) solution integrated with Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) functionalities.


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