Secure and Trusted Code Signing by AppViewX

Are you able to maximize the security of your hardware security modules (HSM)s without limiting the performance of cryptographic operations?

Secure enterprise data from ransomware attacks with the AppViewX next-gen machine identity management platform

Enable fast and secure remote digital signatures for code signing, SSH, TLS and more, while ensuring security of signing keys on HSMs

Craft your path towards crypto-agility with the AppViewX next-gen machine identity management platform for an enhanced security posture

What you get with AppViewX Code Signing?

Schedule a free session with an expert and get guided through our easy-to-deploy and low TCO SaaS solution

Faster time to market

Get to market faster with streamlined security, while protecting the integrity of your code and reducing security warnings

Cryptographic protection

Eliminate risk of program tampering and protect company reputation and intellectual property

Seamless experience for customer

Create a safe and secure experience for customers by minimizing security warnings and installation failures

Seamless integration with multiple platforms

Allows developers to distribute on more platforms – given that major platforms enforce code-signing as a mandatory step prior to publishing

Easy to consume

Deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment

Buyer’s Guide for Certificate Lifecycle Management

Overcome your Security Vulnerabilities with the AppViewX Next-Gen Machine Identity Automation Platform


Protect your private keys with the highest level of security

Strong Security
Private keys never leave the HSM

CERT+ code signing makes over-the-air upgrades and patching safe and compliant

Manage code-signing certificates and keys end-to-end by integrating with popular certificate authorities that issue these certificates
High Performance
Client-side hashing results in very fast throughput
Manage keys centrally and gain visibility into all code signing keys and activities across your enterprise from a centralized dashboard
Proven regulatory compliance, reliability, and ease of use
All nodes are horizontally and vertically scalable
Easy to Use
Ease of deployment as you continue using the same tools you use today with native client integrations
Granular Security Controls
Integration into existing processes to provide additional advanced security features: multi-factor authentication, device authentication, approval workflows, IP address whitelisting, notifications, and more

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