How much can you save with AppViewX?

This calculator simulates the potential savings you could realize by using AppViewX as your certificate and key management platform. Enter your current metrics below, and we’ll calculate your projected gross savings.

Approximate Certificate Count

Renewal Time in hours (per Certificate)

Includes manual expiry tracking, expiry alerting, CSR generation, key pair generation, and assorted approvals

Installation Time in hours (per Certificate)

Includes provisioning on endpoint, testing, and alerting stakeholders to the renewal.

Cost of Risk

How many times do you encounter these common certificate-related issues every year?

Expiry-related Outage

Includes application downtime, brand damage, and loss of business.

Certificate-triggered Security Compromise

Includes fines, insurance penalties, recovery costs, and customer remediation costs.

Compliance Issues

Includes fines, legal/consultation fees, and remediation costs.


Time to manually renewal duration


Total time of Automatic renewal duration


Hours saved anually


No of FTEs saved


Total Savings on renewals


Cost of Risk


Savings %


Annual Gross Savings

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Key Stats on Certificate Management

  • Teams that use certificate management tools will see a 60% reduction in certificate-related issues.
  • Certificate outages can cost organizations up to $700 Million in fines and remediation costs.
  • 65% of organizations have been hit by >5 certificate outages in the last two years.
Note: The calculator uses the annual cost of man hours [hours * hourly wage * 52 weeks/year] to calculate your potential savings if you invest in AppViewX


AppViewX is a certificate lifecycle management platform that automates all certificate operations, from renewals to key rotation. In addition to the monetary savings, it reduces configuration time by 70%, deployment time by 80%, and configuration errors by 100%. To learn how AppViewX can fit into your business case, contact us for a live demo today.