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Trusted Code Signing for Secure Software Development

Are unreliable code signing practices impacting your DevOps efficiency and software supply chain security?

Simplify code signing for DevOps and secure your software supply chain with AppViewX SIGN+

Secure, Seamless, and Controlled Code Signing for Modern Software Supply Chains

AppViewX SIGN+ is a complete code signing solution that makes signing software, firmware, code, containers, and powershell scripts— fast, reliable, and secure.

Ensure Code Signing Is:


Ensure robust and compliant HSM-level protection for private keys, manage them centrally, and enable DevOps to sign code securely.


Integrate code signing with native-signing tools, CI/CD pipeline and workflows to simplify and accelerate code signing for DevOps.


Give security teams centralized visibility and policy-driven control over private key access and certificate usage to ensure security and compliance.

Simplicity, Speed, and Security - All Built Into One Powerful Solution

Elevate the Code Signing Experience for DevOps Without Undermining Security

Strong Private Key Protection

FIPS 140-2 certified, CA/B Forum mandated HSMs to generate and store private keys securely. Flexibility to use cloud-based or on-premises HSMs.

Visibility and Control

Central control for security teams to manage certificates, policies, and key and certificate access. Detailed audit logs and reports to track different files signed, time of signing, time stamping usage, and the certificate and key used for signing.

Integrated Code Signing

Flexible code signing service that allows developers to sign from native signing tools, CI/CD pipeline, API workflows, and directly from the AppViewX SIGN+ console.

Fast and Seamless Code Signing

Custom PKCS#11 and CSP interfaces integrate directly with native signing tools including SignTool, Jarsigner, APK Signer, and others, as well as build processes to make signing easy and seamless for distributed development teams.

Robust Policy and Compliance Engine

Automated policy enforcement to ensure secure and compliant code signing across the enterprise. User authentication and authorization for full control over certificate access and usage to eliminate unauthorized signing.

Versatile File Support

Code signing support for a wide range of file types, including Windows Applications, libraries, OCX files, Kernel drivers, Apple software, Microsoft Office VBA objects, JAR files, .air or .airi files, containers, and Android APK files.

Support for client-side hashing to enable faster and more secure signing.

AppViewX SIGN+ Simplifies Code Signing

See how centralized code signing from AppViewX SIGN+ helps establish and preserve software trust

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Various sectors, including healthcare, finance, and government, enforce stringent compliance standards like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and NIST. Centralized code signing helps comply with the regulations through standardized, auditable signing.

  • Streamlined Development and Release Processes

    With swift, automated software delivery being crucial, centralized code signing streamlines the release process by enabling automated code signing in CI/CD pipelines via AppViewX’s CSP/PKCS#11 or sign tool.

  • Secure Software Supply Chain

    Centralized code signing simplifies the signing process for DevOps while giving security teams visibility and control over code signing events - mitigating malware risks and enabling a secure software supply chain.

  • Authenticity and Integrity of All File Types

    Whether it is developing apps, deploying scripts (PowerShell, VBScript, VBA macros, etc.), or regularly releasing updates, centralized code signing makes it easier to sign different file formats and ensure code authenticity and integrity.

Keep It Easy and Seamless with Out-of-the-Box Integrations

AppViewX SIGN+ enables seamless integrations with various certificate authorities, HSMs, DevOps tools, platforms, and workflows to simplify code signing for distributed development teams.

AppViewX Digital Identity Management Solutions

Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Fully automate enterprise-wide certificate lifecycle management


Replace an internal CA with highly-scalable PKI as a service

SSH Access Control

Simplify SSH key management to enable secure access

Kubernetes Certificate Management

Certificate self-service automation for fast, agile DevOps

Secure Code Signing

Reduce software supply chain risk with secure code signing

IoT Device Identity

Highly scalable identity management for IoT devices


PKI and Certificate Management:

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