Joint Solution: AppViewX and PagerDuty

This integrated solution was built to enable NetOps and SecOps teams to detect and fix network outages with greater agility and precision. Now, any system that uses AppViewX to orchestrate network workflows and PagerDuty to detect outages can leverage the joint solution to to get instantly notified on network outages, incidents, and anomalies via the PagerDuty service. The integration also simplifies incident creation and resolution on both platforms by unifying them, creating visibility and bi-directional operability.

Solution Highlights

  • Accelerated Incident Response

    Reduce latency by automatically notifying teams on outages through changes triggered by AppViewX, via PagerDuty incidents.

  • Synchronized Workflows

    Create and resolve incidents from both AppViewX and PagerDuty, with automated bidirectional synchronization of resolution.

  • Network Visibility

    Introduce PagerDuty’s monitoring services into any NetSecOps process with AppViewX’s flexible visual workflow builder.


  • Transparency into incident response workflows
  • Reduced SLAs and turnaround time for remediation
  • Bi-directional operability
  • Increased Netops and SecOps agility

About PagerDuty

In an always-on world, teams trust PagerDuty to help them deliver a perfect digital experience to their customers, every time. PagerDuty is the central nervous system for a company’s digital operations. PagerDuty identifies issues and opportunities in real time and brings together the right people to respond to problems faster and prevent them in the future. From digital disruptors to Fortune 500 companies, over 12,000 businesses rely on PagerDuty to help them continually improve their digital operations—so their teams can spend less time reacting to incidents and more time building for the future.