AppViewX Announces Major Software Upgrade with Version 11.0 Release

December 09, 2015 11:03 AM Eastern Standard Time

PLANO, Texas– (BUSINESS WIRE)–AppViewX, the most advanced infrastructure automation and orchestration platform, today announced the release of its much-awaited v11.0 update to improve operational effectiveness and automation across L4 to L7 vendors.

With the latest release – v11.0 – AppViewX is moving forward to meet theinfrastructure automation and orchestration requirements and provide customers with much more than a management solution. One of the major inclusions is the integration with A10 ACOS 4.0.1, Radware Alteon, Palo Alto Firewalls, Cisco ASA firewalls, Digicert CA, Comodo CA and cloud systems along with existing support for F5 BIG-IPs, Citrix NetScalers, Cisco ACE ADCs and certificate authorities including GeoTrust, Microsoft and  Entrust.

“Organizations are looking to implement network services automation in a multivendor environment to support broader infrastructure orchestration initiatives,” said Muralidharan Palanisamy, Chief Product Officer at AppViewX. “With AppViewX, we’re committed to enabling these organizations to handle converged infrastructure initiatives for improved operational agility and ensure delegation of control and accountability. In a converged infrastructure, delegation of control is a challenge, and with AppViewX we address that problem with clearly defined delegation points between the silos, at the same time, we also provide a single entry point for orchestrating systems.”

11.0 Key Release Features:


Application Delivery Automation solution extended with Radware Alteon and A10 ACOS 4.0.1 vendor integrations

AppViewX 11.0 extends its support from existing F5 BIG-IPs (including v12), Citrix NetScalers and Cisco ACE ADCs to A10 devices (A10 SLBs, GSLBs) and Radware Alteons, providing a topological view of the application services and other advanced management and operational capabilities – like sophisticated customizable dashboards, single click traffic management capabilities and self-servicing features across the service infrastructure.

Automation capabilities: The solution enables end-to- end provisioning across Layer 4 to Layer 7 infrastructure, enabling self-servicing and automation of application deployments

Log Analytics: The solution provides a central repository to receive, process and present logs using Elasticsearch, LogStash and Kibana capabilities. In-build dashboards will help achieve operational excellence quickly, and any enhancements and customization is handled by an expert team of engineers specializing in ELK stack.

Enhanced User Interface: The new GUI delivers better usability and responsiveness, giving the user immediate access to mission-critical applications and an easier approach to perform various actions on applications across datacenters.

Certificate Lifecycle Automation solution extended for Digicert, Comodo and Microsoft Enterprise certificate authority integrations

AppViewX has an end-to- end SSL certificate lifecycle management solution providing automated discovery, expiry alerting, renewal and revoking of SSL certificates across networks including app servers, web servers, ADCs, proxies and Firewalls. With its cost effective and automated certificate provisioning capabilities, It now expands its portfolio of supported CAs with the inclusion of Digicert, Comodo and Microsoft Enterprise certificate authorities.

Network Security Automation solution launched with Palo Alto, Cisco ASA integration

It is an application centric, vendor agnostic firewall policy management and workflow automation platform that provides simplified management of devices, easy verification of existing policies, policy change audit and effortless tracking of the deployment process. It currently integrates with Palo Alto and Cisco ASAFirewalls. The existing AppViewX users will be able to deploy the module by merely activating a specific license key without any additional hardware requirements.

About AppViewX:

AppViewX is the most advanced automation and orchestration platform providing end-to- end provisioning and self-servicing capabilities across Layer 2 to Layer 7 network components. It offers multi-vendor support and state-of- the-art management capabilities that maps to the evolving needs of application owners, network engineers and network operations. With its world-class app-centric orchestration platform, out of the box integration with ITSM, IPAM and Cloud systems, AppViewX helps achieve application aware infrastructure and ensures responsiveness and availability for brownfield and greenfield datacenters. AppViewX is part of Payoda Inc., headquartered in Plano,Texas with offices in India and U.K.

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