Manage and Automate F5 BIG-IP

AppViewX and F5 Networks Joint Solution

AppViewX and F5 share a common mission to provide the most reliable application delivery systems to organizations. AppViewX platform is fully integrated with the BIG-IP® platform and is compatible with all the latest versions of the platform, including BIG-IP LTM, DNS, AFM, and ASM modules as well as VIPRION hardware and the new cloud-ready BIG-IP iSeries hardware. The solution allows users to centrally manage, automate, and orchestrate F5 BIG-IP devices across data centers. AppViewX bridges the gap between application owners, network administrators, and security teams by providing an application-centric view and control over the F5 application delivery network. AppViewX also complements F5 BIG-IQ® Centralized Management with enhanced management capabilities.

Solution Highlights

  • Centralized BIG-IP management

    AppViewX provides application-centric control and visibility over F5 physical and virtual devices, including BIG-IP LTM, DNS, ASM, and AFM modules. It empowers application owners to add, remove, create, and delete objects along with numerous other capabilities. It allows security teams to easily add, modify, and manage security policies and rules. It also integrates with BIG-IQ management platform for simplified and rapid orchestration of load balancing services.

  • Automated ADC deployment

    Automated workflows deliver a high level of automation and decrease the need for manual intervention. AppViewX allows users to create self-service forms that are built on top of F5 configurations to automate creation, modification, and deletion of a virtual IP, wide IP, or security policy. It automates the creation of DNS entries and generation of free IPs with a single click through integrations with DDI systems.

  • Granular, role-based access control (RBAC)

    Superior self-servicing capabilities provide granular, object-level, role-based access control. The AppViewX platform allows the administrator to define multiple roles and empower different teams with limited privileges to address configuration change requests and implement the changes on devices in brownfield and greenfield environments.

  • Application-Centric Visibility

    AppViewX provides a topological map of the application infrastructure, including mapping of global and local load balancer dependencies. Networking engineers can recursively look up the pool members(end servers) to address the complexities in load balancing architectures where multiple devices are handling traffic for a single application.

  • Real-Time Alerting and Reporting

    Threshold alerts, certificate validity alerts, device alerts, and application health alerts are available to help eliminate the risk of outages at various levels. Alerts can be sent via email or SNMP traps to enable quick responses. A statistics heat map supplies complete BIG-IP device details such as CPU, memory, and bandwidth utilization.

  • Backup and Restore of BIG-IP Configurations

    AppViewX can take device-level (UCS) and object-level configuration backups, which can be scheduled or generated on demand. Backups may be compared across devices and archives and can be restored during troubleshooting at either the device level or object level.

  • Seamless Migration Across BIG-IP Platforms

    Patch upgrades and version upgrades to the latest F5 version can be done on multiple devices in a single window and with minimum application downtime. With AppViewX, you can migrate configurations across different platforms, such as BIG-IP virtual editions and BIG-IP hardware, including the new iSeries platform. Migration through AppViewX ensures clean installation and eliminates errors.

  • SSL/TLS Certificate Lifecycle Automation

    AppViewX enables discovery and management of certificates on F5 devices as well as those on application servers, web servers, and proxy servers. In addition to providing alerts on validity, it facilitates the renewal of certificates and provides the capability to push certificates to end devices, automating certificate lifecycle management.


  • Automation and self-servicing for ADC deployments
  • Increased operational efficiency among cross-functional network teams
  • Reduced manual configuration errors across the network
  • End-to-end lifecycle management of SSL certificates on F5 BIG-IP devices

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