Manage Certificate Lifecycles on IoT Devices and Mobile Devices

Billions of IoT and mobile devices leverage certificates for authentication and security purposes. AppViewX allows for seamless monitoring and management of these certificates to ensure that they remain valid and secure.


Expose a Single Proxy for SCEP, ACME, and EST Requests from IoT End-Points

With AppViewX, you can manage and monitor your IoT certificates. IoT devices can use SCEP, ACME and EST to communicate with AppViewX. The certificates of each IoT device can be uploaded into the AppViewX inventory (a FIPS- compliant, AES 256 encrypted key-store) for management. For requesting a new certificate, the IoT device can generate a CSR and initiate a request using any one of the protocols. AppViewX will then listen to that request and submit the CSR to the respective Certificate Authority (CA) after necessary approvals. Once the CA responds with a new certificate, AppViewX saves a copy of the certificate in its inventory and sends the certificate as a response back to the IoT device.

Integrate with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Systems

As far as control and visibility are concerned, mobile devices still pose a serious threat to an everyday enterprise. Mobile device management (MDM) systems such as MobileIron help users secure, manage and monitor mobile devices coming into an enterprise. Since certificates play a major role in securing the data they exchange online, our platform can integrate with MDM systems to secure and simplify certificate management. You can discover certificates from each device group within the MDM, monitor them for expiry, leverage our internal or external CA for issuing new certificates and also push these certificates back to the device group efficiently.

Standardize Certificate Management across Laptop, SSO, Wi-Fi and VPN Systems

Any device that needs to securely encrypt or decrypt information shared online needs a certificate. With greater control over the type of certificates (through policy enforcement) and who has access to them (through granular RBAC), AppViewX helps you with simple, self-serviceable automation workflows to standardize certificate management across unmanageable platforms. Once the certificates are saved into the inventory, you can monitor their expiries and report them to necessary stakeholders when needed. After a new certificate is enrolled through the platform, you can also associate it to a user key store for WiFi and VPN access.

Use Out-of-box Integration with Vendors to Handle Certificate Enrollment for all End-Points

Certificates have multiple touch-points. With our tight integration with popular load balancers, firewalls, webservers, mobile devices, IoT and cloud systems, you can use a single platform to discover certificates from all end-points, enforce policies, assign granular access, enrol new certificates and push them back to the respective devices automatically. You can also set your teams to self-service certificate requests through intuitive, context aware, automation workflows. These workflows can also be accessed from third-party systems using our APIs. For better monitoring, you can use our actionable dashboards to see reports on a variety of parameters important to you or forward them to your SIEM dashboards as needed.

"AppViewX significantly decreased our operational outages due to certificate expiry."

Head of Security

Finance Industry

“...We saved 90% time on operations, it really ended up delighting our end users, they’re surprised at how easy it is to request certificates”

Lead PKI Security Engineer

Xcel Energy, USA

Learn how a Fortune 500 Biotechnology firm used AppViewX to automate and self-service their PKI to maintain business continuity and reduce security risks.

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