AppViewX vs Venafi

Learn why enterprises select next-generation PKI and machine identity automation solutions from AppViewX over Venafi

Why do customers choose
AppViewX over Venafi?

With hundreds of out-of-the-box and custom automation workflows, AppViewX enables customers to manage machine, application and workload identities the way they want to across their unique and complex environments.

AppViewX gives customers complete visibility and control of machine identity blind spots across hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures, Kubernetes and container environments, DevOps, and IoT enabling crypto-agility and hardening security.

AppViewX offers customers flexible deployment models to meet their implementation and operation requirements with fully functional certificate lifecycle management delivered on-prem, in a private cloud, or as SaaS.

AppViewX and Venafi Comparison

Complete visibility, scalability, end-to-end automation, advanced technology stacks, and rapid time-to-value are just some of the reasons why AppViewX is the best-in-class machine identity management platform.


Platform, Deployment & Scalability


Legacy Architecture

  • Monolithic architecture
  • Multi-site / multi-region deployments require complex SQL server clustering and replication setup

Next-Gen Architecture

  • Microservices based architecture
  • Single SaaS based console with minimal footprint for multi-site / multi-region deployments

Flexible Deployment Options

Built for On-Premises:

  • Requires hardware and software including Windows machines and MSQL Server licenses
  • IT Resources are required to maintain on-prem deployment

Cloud Native Design:

  • Multi-tenant SaaS option
  • Can be deployed as a containerized application on-premises and in the cloud, including support for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) , Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)


Limited SaaS CLM functionality

Integrated platform with complete CLM functionality across all environments


  • Difficult to scale due to on-prem deployment and resource dependencies
  • Requires additional investment in hardware and software

  • Cloud-native with high availability and auto scaling out-of-the-box

Certificate Lifecycle Management & Automation


  • Discovery of certificates only

Smart Discovery:

  • Scans and discovers all certificates as well as machines and applications

Automated Provisioning

  • Delivers certificates to endpoints but requires manual configuration of applications to bind certificate

Cloud Native Design:

  • Zero Touch - Delivers certificates to endpoints and binds the certificate to the application.

Automation Workflows

  • No support for workflows

  • Native out-of-the-box workflows and bring your own automation

Centralized Management

Multiple consoles:

  • There are different consoles for configuring settings and managing certificates

  • Single console for centralized visibility and control of certificates

AWS Onboarding and CLM

  • Requires manual onboarding of AWS Accounts

  • Automated Onboarding of larger number of AWS accounts and CLM for Large Enterprises

Private PKI

PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS)

No true PKIaaS offering:

  • Venafi "Zero Touch PKI" is offered through a third-party technology partnership
  • Unable to manage Private CAs

Ready-to-consume PKIaaS

  • Full featured ready-to-consume PKIaaS
  • Virtual key ceremonies
  • M of N control
  • OCSP responders
  • Natively integrated with CLM

Combined CLM and PKIaaS

  • Separate products are required for “Zero Touch PKI” and certificate lifecycle management – not one platform

  • Combined solution - A single platform for PKIaaS and certificate lifecycle automation

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Simple CLM Licensing Model

  • Requires multiple licenses for complete CLM solution

  • Single license for full CLM capabilities

Lower TCO

  • Requires hardware and software
  • Experienced IT/ PKI personnel required to manage on-prem infrastructure

  • No infrastructure costs or IT personnel required with SaaS solution

Packaged Database

  • No built-in database

  • Built-in database to store certificate and key information

Why AppViewX is the preferred Certificate Lifecycle Management solution for Fortune 1000 companies

Better certificate discovery

AppViewX CERT+ scans your network, applications, and other endpoints for certificates and creates a comprehensive inventory with details on certificate type, Certificate Authority (CA), and expiration dates. The discovery engine runs on isolated and segmented environments making it ideal for the cloud. The platform also integrates with popular scanning solutions such as Qualys and Rapid7 and imports their data to create a comprehensive inventory within CERT+. Additionally, users can control the speed and depth of discovery based on their bandwidth.

End-to-end certificate lifecycle automation

AppViewX CERT+ monitors and presents the real-time statuses of certificates on dashboards and sends you alerts when a certificate nears expiry or any certificate related weakness or vulnerability. When a certificate is about to expire, AppViewX CERT+ automatically renews it by requesting the CA for a new certificate, downloads it, and binds it to the endpoint, saving time, resources and preventing expensive outages. It also runs compliance checks against set policies and criteria and performs automated rollbacks in case of non-compliance.

Built-in database

AppViewX CERT+ comes with a built-in database to securely store certificate and key information. You don’t have to invest in an external database and integrate it with your PKI solution, resulting in a significantly lower TCO.

Quick and easy updates

AppViewX CERT+ follows a plugin-based microservice architecture - which means when a new device or CA is added, you don’t have to update the entire platform, just the plugins. This functionality is especially useful for cloud and container-based applications, where certificate validity may only last for a few hours and new vendors are added at an accelerated pace.

Granular control over PKI

Give cross-functional teams fine-grained control over certificates and keys. Define granular role-based access control and approval hierarchies to prevent unchecked certificate requests, and leverage built in audit systems to document every change made to your PKI. The possibility of unknown certificates expiring and causing outages is eliminated, adding layers of security, reliability and compliance.

Secure, ready-to-use, and highly Scalable PKI-as-a-Service

AppViewX PKI+ is a turnkey, scalable and compliant PKI-as-a-Service. Enterprises can set up a robust and secure private CA hierarchy in minutes and start issuing private trust certificates right away. There is no PKI expertise required and no hardware or software to buy or manage. PKI+ with AppViewX CERT+ combines modern private PKI with end-to-end certificate lifecycle automation for provisioning private certificates as well as public certificates from external CAs, all from a centralized console.

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