Here’s Why Enterprises Choose AppViewX Over Venafi.

Let’s face it - a certificate management tool that can be deployed only on a Windows Server and has a ton of dependencies isn’t exactly Digital Transformation-friendly. AppViewX is a Next-Gen Key and Certificate Lifecycle Management solution that you can deploy anywhere as a containerized application - on-premises, private, or public cloud. AppViewX makes your enterprise cybersecurity future-ready by enabling cryptographic agility, compliance, and governance.

Why is AppViewX the #1 Venafi alternative?

Complete PKI Management

  • End-to-end certificate and key automation
  • Multiple CAs supported
  • IoT, cloud, and SSH certificates

Ease of Use

  • GUI-based automation
  • Built-in workflow libraries
  • Custom features on-demand

Maximized RoI

  • Accelerated deployment
  • Rapid time-to-value
  • Demonstrated scalability

Head-to-head Capability Comparison

Complete scalability, more advanced technology stacks, and rapid time-to-value are just some of the reasons why AppViewX is the best-in-class machine identity management platform.



Flexible Deployment Options

Windows-based deployment

Can be deployed as a containerized application in the cloud and on-premises

On-the-Fly Upgrades

Monolithic architecture - entire platform needs to be overhauled for upgrades

Microservices architecture - can be upgraded in parts without service disruption.

Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Not a part of the product - additional cost

Native workflow and bring your own automation that are included in product pricing.

Native Self-Servicing

SSH Certificate Management

Symmetric Key Management

Only the client-side keys are managed

In-House Integrations

Built-in, plugin-based integrations


Packaged Database


Integration with ITSM, DNS tools

Not a part of the product - additional cost

Comes as a part of the product and included in the pricing



Internationally trusted by global enterprises.

AppViewX CERT+ is highly configurable, with tight control over certificate lifecycle automation...provides complete accountability

Why AppViewX is the preferred CLM solution for 100+ Fortune 500 companies

Better discovery

AppViewX scans your network, applications, and other endpoints for TLS certificates and inventories them with details on their type, CA, and expiration dates. The discovery engine runs on isolated and segmented environments as well, making it ideal for the cloud. The platform also integrates with popular scanning solutions such as Qualys and Rapid7 and uses their data to automate. What’s more, users can control the speed and depth of discovery based on their bandwidth.

End-to-end certificate lifecycle automation

The platform monitors and presents the real-time statuses of certificates on dashboards and sends you alerts when a certificate nears expiry. But it doesn’t stop there. When a certificate is about to expire, AppViewX automatically renews it by requesting the CA for a new certificate, downloads it, and binds it to the endpoint, saving you from expensive outages. It also runs compliance checks against set policies and criteria and performs automated rollbacks in case of non-compliance.

Built-in database

AppViewX CERT+ comes with a built-in MongoDB to store certificate and key information. Unlike for Keyfactor, you don’t have to invest in an external DB and integrate it with your PKI solution, resulting in a significantly lower TCO.

Quick and easy upgrades

AppViewX follows a plugin-based microservice architecture - which means when a new device or CA is added, you don’t have to update the entire platform, just the plugins. This functionality is especially useful for cloud and container-based applications, where each certificate doesn’t last for more than a few hours and new vendors are added at an accelerated pace.

Granular control over PKI

Give multi-level teams fine-grained control over certificates and keys. Define granular role-based access control and approval hierarchies that prevent unchecked certificate requests, and leverage inbuilt audit systems to document every change made to your PKI. The possibility of unknown certificates expiring and causing outages is eliminated, adding layers of security and reliability.

Prepare Your Enterprise for the Future By Being Cryptographically Agile

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