Automate F5 BIG-IP Operations With AppViewX’s Network Automation Tool

Automating the deployment and configuration management of BIG-IP platform and devices has become essential. According to the F5 State of Application Services 2021 report, “There is a 133% Growth in Application Modernization. More than three-quarters of organizations are modernizing their applications—especially IT service desk applications and those that support the customer experience”. This accelerates the need for automation and orchestration of F5 infrastructures to keep up with the rapid and dynamic changes required for applications. In this solution guide, we will provide an overview of ways you can efficiently address F5 change requests.

Modernized Application Delivery Network

Legacy network devices and processes are holding back digital transformation needs. To keep pace with traffic and minimize operational expenses, organizations are in the process of deploying modern network infrastructure which is agile and automated. Typically, these modern networks offer several benefits such as programmability, automation, orchestrate multiple tools and systems, capacity planning, and so on.

AppViewX and F5 share a common mission to provide the most reliable application delivery systems to organizations. The AppViewX platform and solutions are fully integrated with the BIG-IP® platform including BIG-IP LTM, DNS, AFM, and ASM modules as well as VIPRION hardware and the cloud-ready BIG-IP iSeries hardware. This allows users to build a modernized application delivery network to achieve data center agility.

AppViewX bridges the gap between application owners, network administrators, and security teams by providing an application-centric view and control over the F5 application delivery network. The platform allows users to centrally manage, automate, and orchestrate F5 BIG-IP devices across data centers. AppViewX also complements F5 BIG-IQ® Centralized Management with enhanced management capabilities.

Automate F5 Application Services

Network teams need to address hundreds of change requests every week such as the creation of virtual servers, modifications of configurations or enabling/disabling servers, and so on. Traditionally, organizations deploy these change requests through manual processes and operations. It’s a time-consuming approach that doesn’t align with ever-increasing requirements for speed and agility.

The AppViewX platform provides workflow-centric automation solution that leverages various components of the network infrastructure. It enables the automation and orchestration of network infrastructure using an intuitive, context-aware, visual workflow.

Creating an automation workflow is an easy way to streamline and standardize application deployment. Automated workflows deliver a high level of automation and decrease the need for manual intervention. Though automation workflows, you can drag and drop from the workflow palette to define a logical flow of activities or tasks from a Start event to an End event to execute a specific service. The activities in the workflow can either be executed in sequence or in parallel with interleaving decision points. The user can implement the change requests in minutes rather wait for days or weeks.

F5 Platform Automation with AppViewX
  • Automate creation of VIP on BIG-IP LTM
  • Automate modification of VIP on BIG-IP LTM
  • Automate deletion of VIP on BIG-IP LTM
  • Auto-decommissioning of unused VIPs on BIG-IP LTM
  • Single-click execution of enable/disable a VIP
  • Seamless software upgrade to the latest version
  • Backup and restoration of BIG-IP LTM configurations
  • Automate SSL certificate provisioning on BIG-IP LTM
  • Automate creation of Wide IP on BIG-IP DNS
  • Automate modification of Wide IP on BIG-IP DNS
  • Automate deletion of Wide IP on BIG-IP DNS
  • Single-click execution of enable/disable a Wide IP
  • Seamless software upgrade to the latest version
  • Backup and restoration of BIG-IP DNS configurations
  • Automate creation of rules on BIG-IP AFM
  • Automate deletion of rules on BIG-IP AFM
  • Seamless software upgrade to the latest version
  • Automate SSL certificate provisioning on BIG-IP AFM
  • Automate creation of policies on BIG-IP ASM
  • Automate deletion of policies on BIG-IP ASM
  • Seamless software upgrade to the latest version
  • Manage multiple BIG-IQ instances in one console
  • Automate service requests by implementing through AppViewX GUI or F5 BIG-IQ platform
  • Get live and historic status of infrastructure and services
  • Zero-touch provisioning of BIG-IP VE

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Orchestrate Service Infrastructure

NetOps, SecOps, and DevOps teams need to work together to drive a successful digital business. The highest level of automation maturity involves interconnecting multiple automation and orchestration tools. Though AppViewX integration with multiple automation tools (like Ansible) and third-party systems (such as ITSM, DDI, certificates, etc), there are multiple ways Ops teams can automate complex change requests through a single workflow.

The workflow module in the AppViewX platform enables operational agility and service efficiency in various stages of network and application service delivery. For example, it automates the creation of DNS entries and generation of free IPs with a single click through integrations with DDI systems.

Enable Self-Servicing

Multiple stakeholders are involved in delivering application and network services, and in a more modern network, the process is even more complicated. The AppViewX platform provides granular object-level, role-based access control and visual workflows enabling end-users to self-service and launch automation workflows.

With granular access, one can define what a user can and cannot do by enabling or disabling functionalities, triggering a workflow, and accessing devices or individual objects. It allows the administrator to define multiple roles and empower different teams with limited privileges to address configuration change requests and implement the changes on devices in brownfield and greenfield environments.

Mitigate Outages Faster

The AppViewX platform provides a compelling application-centric view of application and network infrastructure services, as well as initiating role-based automated workflows. Network engineers can recursively look up the pool members (end servers) to address the complexities in application delivery architectures where multiple devices are handling traffic for a single application.

The platform also provides single touch troubleshooting and monitoring tool that enables network engineers to identify and remediate network issues at a device or object level. It is configured and defined for an application using the CLI commands, scripts, and custom monitors. This allows the user to perform a connectivity check from one end point (Source IP) to another end point (Destination IP) across all the components of an application. During an outage, the fix provided can be saved and can also be reused in later incidents.


With applications becoming the core of businesses and organizations embracing agility, automating infrastructure and application deployments is essential to meet business goals. In the digital world, as the application delivery infrastructure is complex, organizations need to invest in advanced automation tools to maximize success. Adopted by leading Fortune companies, the AppViewX platform helps Enterprise IT manage, automate and orchestrate various F5 application services.

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