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What is the Purpose of Certificate Scanning?

Certificates play a major role in fostering network security, and it’s imperative to ensure they’re up and running fine. A network is made up of interconnected points, so even if a single certificate installed in one device expires, the entire security infrastructure breaks down; previously private communications are no longer encrypted, and hackers have a field day accessing your organization’s and your clients’ most confidential information. Some of the most devastating network outages and data breaches in the world, like those of LinkedIn and Equifax, have been caused by a lone certificate that expired unknown to the organization.

2022 Ponemon Report: The State of Certificate Lifecycle Management in Global Organizations

Frequently scanning digital certificates effectively safeguards the network from outages and breaches. It displays the health of certificates in real-time and alerts the administrator concerned if a certificate is nearing its expiry date or is compromised. This way, the administrator can take timely action and renew the certificate before it affects the network.

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