Digital Identity Management for Healthcare

Protect data, devices, and applications with AppViewX CERT+.

Keep patient data safe, prevent network outages and breaches, and meet compliance requirements to the letter. CERT+ provides next-gen certificate and key lifecycle management for the core network infrastructure, users, and endpoints.

5 Out Of Top 10 US Healthcare Organizations Trust CERT+ to Manage Their Trust

Stay Compliant with Evolving Data Protection Laws and Regulations

Surveys state that in 2020 alone, over 600 healthcare units have been affected by ransomware, and the combined cost of these attacks amounts to $21 billion. Even scarier is the threat to lives that cyberattacks pose - in September 2020, a patient in a German hospital died after a ransomware attack took down the hospital’s critical systems. While there are plenty of anti-breach laws such as HIPAA and HITECH, which strive to protect electronic health records (EHR) and other digital patient data, most organizations face challenges in implementing secure practices due to large record volumes, widespread use of telemetry, and third-party healthcare services like pathology labs, scan centers, and healthcare insurance providers requiring access to patient records. Furthermore, healthcare organizations are among the biggest consumers of IoT devices, making them especially vulnerable to attacks.

Security professionals in healthcare can protect patient records against breaches and attain regulatory compliance with proper data encryption and authentication of people and machines. Keys and digital certificates make encryption and authentication possible, and if managed correctly, it can enable organizations to remain breach-proof and compliant. Here’s how AppViewX CERT+ helps healthcare providers future-proof certificate and key management:

Smart Discovery and Auto-Enrollment:

CERT+ integrates with the enterprise’s DNS and provides IP-based discovery, allowing PKI operators to scan, discover, and manage certificates on edge, mobile, and IoT endpoints. It supports EST, CMP, SCEP, and ACME protocols for auto-enrollment of certificates on IoT devices, which helps secure device-to-device communication.

Certificate and Key Lifecycle management:

CERT+ automates X.509 certificate lifecycle management end-to-end, from discovery to enrollment, renewal, and revocation, with native, out-of-the-box automation workflows. Its advanced monitoring and alerting mechanism, coupled with protocol-based automation, eliminates outages and breaches due to unplanned certification expirations.

Protection Against Data Breaches:

CERT+’s next-gen automation capabilities allow certificates and keys to have shorter lifespans, bringing down the possibility of a compromise and preventing data breaches. Tight integrations with HSMs and KMS (Key Management Services) provide certificates and keys the highest possible levels of protection.

Vulnerability and Risk Management:

CERT+ scans the network in real-time and alerts security personnel of potential risks and vulnerabilities. The solution’s policy-based, context-aware automation engine applies remediation workflows such as revoking a rogue certificate or destroying a compromised key, along with the necessary validation checks.

High Availability and Resiliency:

AppViewX CERT+ comes packaged with a NoSQL database that can be replicated in no time in the event of a failure or unexpected shutdown. This makes the solution highly available, which means the network remains protected with its certificates and keys intact, no matter what happens.

The deployment of AppviewX was quick and easy, making it ready to start using the product. We like the ability to rollback the certificate functionality on the F5 devices. The customer service is quick and ready to resolve the some of the issues or question you may have on the product.

- Network Security Engineer, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Other Next-Gen Capabilities

Self-Serviceable Management

Application and network teams can self-service routine tasks such as new certificate requests, renewal, and provisioning on endpoints through a self-service portal, reducing the dependency on security teams.

Full Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Compatibility

CERT+’s microservices architecture makes deploying it in any cloud environment easy. The solution integrates with cloud security services such as Google CA, AWS Secrets Manager, and cloud HSMs to manage certificates and key lifecycles in hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.


CERT+ offers a single pane of glass to manage and automate certificates issued by multiple CAs. Companies can manage and orchestrate private and public, on-premise and cloud CAs from a centralized console.

Zero Trust

CERT+ provides policy-controlled identity management for network devices such as web servers, firewalls, ADCs, switches, routers, etc. Also, it performs identity validation for both machines and users through digital certificate validation and role-based access controls.