US State Government Reduces Certificate Deployment Time by 90%

Client Information

The customer is a state government in the Midwestern US that operates more than 700 online applications to extend a variety of services to its citizens, from seeking job opportunities to filing business taxes.

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Business Challenges

  • The state government has deployed more than 700 applications on more than 3000 devices, including Citrix NetScaler ADCs, web servers, and other services. The 3000 certificates residing on these devices were being managed manually in a spreadsheet.
  • The state government had a dedicated, four-person certificate management team with access to multiple vendor portals and tracking certificates in its spreadsheets. The team had to handle certificate requests from more than 20 application teams, and the requests often got delayed.
  • The certificates protecting access to the applications were procured from two different vendors, Entrust and Symantec. The teams had to juggle between vendor portals for their certificate-related needs and did not have centralized visibility.
  • The poor visibility that resulted from teams working in silos made it difficult for the application teams to request and deploy a certificate within 8 hours. This, in turn, delayed application delivery.

Solutions Delivered

  • The AppViewX platform automated end-to-end management of the certificates, which helped the state government achieve much-needed application-level visibility into its certificate management.
  • Using a single application, the team can procure certificates from any vendor of its choice based on need, without introducing any additional complexity into the certificate management process.
  • The platform made it easier for the application teams to generate and manage their own certificates through a simple, easy-to-use user interface. This reduced delays in certificate procurement by eliminating unnecessary dependencies on intermediary teams without compromising necessary workflows.
  • Through granular, role-based access controls, certificates can now be created and deployed within an hour without skimping on necessary security measures. This reduced certificate deployment time by 90 percent.
  • Various reports on certificate expiration and certificate validation (based on enforced security policies) can be scheduled through SNMP traps or email alerts to prevent the potential for sudden downtime due to unforeseen certificate invalidities.


  • Certificate Lifecycle Automation
  • certificate lifecycle management