Leading Automotive Company Automates ADC Deployments

Client Information

The customer is one of North America’s largest and most diversified providers of automotive products and services, including vehicle distribution, processing, finance and insurance, retail vehicle sales, and dealer technology services.

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Business Challenges

As one of the largest companies in the automotive industry, the company’s IT infrastructure is critical to its business. The company operates 11 F5 application delivery controllers (ADC) for load balancing 100+ applications, which include customer-facing as well as internal applications. The company has a team of 120 engineers working around the clock to ensure application availability.

  • Ensuring that application services are delivered with the highest standards required submitting a large number of tickets to the engineering teams
  • There was no standard workflow to create VIPs and wide IPs, and every time the application team submitted a request, the network engineering team had to perform the tasks manually, which was time-consuming and prone to errors. The absence of an agile infrastructure was slowing down the ADC deployment process, impacting delivery
  • The turnaround time for a change request was too long and delayed time to market

The company needed a single console that would allow it to manage its dynamic ADC infrastructure efficiently.

Solutions Delivered

Self-service templates

The application and network engineering teams sought solutions to address their business challenges. With the AppViewX platform, the network engineering team can build custom, self-service templates to handle most of the requests to create, modify, and delete VIPs and wide IPs. The configurations are hardcoded in the template and are tested and verified by the senior network engineering team. The biggest advantages are that they do not have to go through the process of typing the entire configuration from scratch and the code is reusable.

Standard workflow

The platform provides a standardized workflow system for faster and more efficient deployments. Once a request is created, a work order is initiated and goes through an automated approval process. The template is designed and verified by the senior network engineering team with necessary validation checks.

Automated ADC deployments

The company’s application owners are given privileges to provision their applications, while the network engineering teams have the administrative control over the devices. Using the Application Provisioning System (APS), a subsystem of AppViewX, application owners can provision their applications by filling out a simple form created by the network engineering team. With this automation, virtual servers can be spun up seamlessly in a matter of minutes.

Business Benefits

  • The automated workflows offered by AppViewX have resulted in a quicker implementation cycle and, more critically, reduced the number of manual configuration errors
  • The ability to provision applications using simple forms has enabled the application teams to deliver applications faster
  • The fulfillment of change requests has been optimized, and fulfillment time has been reduced from weeks to days and from days to minutes


  • ADC management
  • Network Automation
  • Network Infrastructure Automation
  • Network Infrastructure Management