Large Financial Services Company Reduces Deployment Time by 75%

Client Information

The customer is one of the leading US-based multinational banking and financial services corporations and serves more than 70 million customers. The corporation is a major player in the investment banking market and is distributed across more than 100 countries and locations worldwide.

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Business Challenges

As a leading global banking and financial services company, multiple teams requesting changes to applications or provisioning of services for new applications across multiple locations and using different requisition methods posed a potential threat to compliance.

  • Varying levels of knowledge about the load balancer infrastructure among different teams slowed down the process of implementing configurations
  • With application teams located in different places and across various silos, requests had to be coordinated and consolidated using different tools, leading to delays and errors
  • Application deployments were done manually by individual teams that had to keep track of the ticket and change windows.

Solutions Delivered

AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution provided a template-based automation that offered self-servicing capabilities which has minimized the number of mundane tasks the network engineers need to handle.

  • Templates are built with a user-friendly scripting language that allows users to hard code parameters that are set as enterprise standards. This has helped achieve configuration consistency and enterprise compliance
  • A seamless process splits a request work order into individual workflows for the necessary teams, such as the DNS and operations teams, that need to provide input before the final implementation

Business Benefits

  • Reduced the number of tickets they receive because end users are able to make trivial changes
  • Reduction in deployment time by 75 percent
  • Template-based automation reduced number of implementation engineers from 20 to just 5
  • Resource optimization resulted in approximately $2.5 million in annual savings


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  • Network Infrastructure Automation
  • Network Infrastructure Management