What’s New in AppViewX 12.4

Digital transformation is reshaping the way customers engage with businesses. The ever-increasing pressure to deliver the best digital experience has forced enterprises to deliver applications at unprecedented levels of speed, scale, security, and agility – forcing more and more enterprises toward automation to stay afloat.

To help enterprises deliver in the face of this increasing demand, we’re excited to announce the latest release of our platform, AppViewX 12.4. The new version of the platform offers multiple feature enhancements across its platform to help NetOps and SecOps teams securely discover, manage, design and automate network services from a single-pane of glass.

Enhanced Pre-Packaged, Customizable and Extensible Low-code Visual Workflow Automation

Visual Workflow builds on our previous template-based automation approach to give users the ability to customize and extend our low-code automation capabilities with minimal support. Users can drag-and-drop workflow tasks to build custom, decision-based, event-driven automation. The workflow tasks can be looped and reused in any combination and order to suit individual business needs. Some of our most popular pre-packaged Visual Workflows include “Automate Application Provisioning on F5 BIG-IP,” which allows NetOps teams to generate F5-specific configurations for creating, modifying and deleting virtual servers (VIP), to apply IPAM integration to reserve free IP and perform DNS binding, and to include ITSM integration to aid approvals, all from a single view. Users can customize this workflow to replace F5 BIG-IP with a load balancer of their choice and can also add a workflow task which can send a report on the whole activity to necessary stakeholders.

Broader Multi-Vendor, Multi-device Certificate Lifecycle Management, and Automation

Mismanaged certificates can cause a variety of issues, from bringing down applications when expired to exposing sensitive information to cybercriminals when stolen. Certificate lifecycle automation can help users manage certificates efficiently with minimal effort and error. Following our EJBCA support in the previous release, we have extended our management and automation capabilities to Let’s Encrypt with AppViewX 12.4. To cover the entire gamut of certificates, we have now included support for code signing certificates, SSL/TLS certificates on firewalls/web-application firewalls, and IoT certificates. Users can also utilize the advanced automation capabilities of our Visual Workflows to build low-code certificate lifecycle automation around their unique infrastructure. Plus, we have revamped our certificate discovery, holistic view and overall user experience to make certificate management easier and faster than ever before.

Increased Private Key Security with HSM Integration

Private keys or identity keys give access to critical information in your infrastructure. Most users do not know the total number of active and inactive SSH keys in their environment to offer sufficient protection, and they often end up falling into the wrong hands. AppViewX prevents key proliferation by periodically terminating aging, inactive private keys and safeguards private keys in its AES-256 bit encrypted vault. Users can also opt to encrypt their private keys using HSM for added protection. With the latest release, we have added the ability to monitor and terminate ongoing SSH sessions on all supported devices from AppViewX itself. And, to help users delegate appropriate, time-bound access to critical servers on-demand, AppViewX’s PAM capability can create, push and delete keys from necessary servers within the requested time frame automatically.

Improved Load Balancer, Firewall, and WAF Management with Valuable Insights from Actionable Dashboards

NetOps and SecOps teams are under constant pressure to meet the growing demands of digital transformation, all with unmatched levels of agility and security. With AppViewX 12.4, we added additional capabilities to make your application services management and automation faster and more efficient. NetOps teams can get near real-time configuration updates, object configuration drift tracking and real-time alerting on object metrics of their load balancers. They can utilize our advanced statistics and heat map analytics to better understand and optimize their load balancer utilization. The latest release also uses additional metrics to provide optimization and risk reports to help SecOps teams efficiently optimize their firewall configurations. And, users can make more informed decisions by comparing various parameters (like attack signatures) on multiple web-application firewall policies simultaneously. Plus, with actionable dashboards, we made it easier to access and act on information that’s most important to you, across the board.

More Pre-Packaged Automation Workflows for Agile Delivery

The new AppViewX 12.4 platform has added support for more pre-packaged automation workflows to enable speedy and efficient service delivery. With these low-code automation workflows, network engineers can easily automate change requests through integration with existing ITSM and other third-party systems. Users can download these reference implementation workflows from GitHub.


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