(Trouble)Shooting In The Dark? You’re Not Alone.

How many times have you been confronted with a network issue that could potentially cause downtime, but couldn’t troubleshoot because you didn’t know where it lay?

In a network automation survey that had over 550 enterprises from around the world participate, 37% of the respondents – an overwhelming majority – cited lack of visibility as a major challenge to troubleshooting. Network infrastructures are highly complex and layered. Many enterprises have networks that span multiple environments – on-premise, hybrid- and multi-clouds, that further obfuscate the infrastructure. Troubleshooting in such a low-visibility environment is time-consuming, error-prone, and risky.

Troubleshooting windows need to be kept as protracted as possible. Some of them might require certain network functionalities to be on hold till the troubleshooting is finished, while a few others might even need a module restart. Prolonged troubleshooting windows can mess with service accessibility, causing downtimes. Faulty troubleshoots are even more dangerous – one misstep can cause the entire network to go down and result in severe outages.

Lack of collaboration is an even more significant challenge to troubleshooting, as gleaned from 40% of our respondents. Troubleshooting requires the cooperation of application teams (as it’s likely to affect applications) and the security team to ensure the network is not compromised during the process.

Want to know more about how collaboration affects troubleshooting, and what the other factors that prevent efficient troubleshooting are? Read all about it in the State Of Network Automation 2020 report. Get your free copy here.


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