Self-Serve and Automate Application Deployment

AppViewX announces a paradigm shift in application provisioning, achieving deployment agility, improved operational effectiveness, and automation across layers. With the latest release—v10.7—AppViewX provides simplified application provisioning and advanced operational, monitoring, and reporting capabilities across data centers.

The product enhancement highlights in the v10.7 release include:

The Application Delivery Automation solution extends its support to A10 devices. It centrally manages A10 SLBs and GSLBs, provides a topological view of the applications, and delivers other advanced management and operational capabilities, such as sophisticated, customizable dashboards, one-click traffic management capabilities, and self-service features across the service infrastructure. The AppViewX Application Provisioning System (APS) system allows users to create custom templates that are built on top of the device configurations. Any user can submit a request based on the requirements by providing minimal information. This helps in making a request for multiple devices in a single template and keeps track of individual requests using independent workflows. This customizable solution simplifies application provisioning and helps you self-serve deployment and automate using REST-based APIs.

The new GUI delivers better usability and responsiveness, so the user gets immediate access to the status of mission-critical applications and an easier approach to performing any actions on applications across data centers.

The statistics heat map provides a visual interface, so the user can see device details across the entire infrastructure. Integration with the Hadoop big data engine provides information about the applications from the time of commissioning to decommissioning.

The volume of SSL/TLS certificates within enterprises has reached a tipping point, where managing these certificates and preventing unanticipated expiration has become critical. AppViewX’s Certificate Lifecycle Automation solution is integrated with commercial certificate authorities, such as GeoTrust, Microsoft CA, and Entrust, and it supports any other CA through a script connector (custom scripts) to offer end-to-end certificate automation that allows application owners to order, push, renew, and revoke SSL/TLS certificates without manual intervention.

Partners Spotlight: Citrix Trusted Solution

AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution is now a Citrix trusted and verified solution to manage and monitor NetScaler devices, with configuration management, RBAC, application-centric and configurable dashboards, and much more.

If you are a current AppViewX user, check out the full release notes. If not, you can try out AppViewX by signing up for a demo or a free trial.


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  • Network Automation
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