Rethinking Application Delivery with Application-Centric Approach

Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders are finding it difficult to keep up with the dynamic businesses they are tasked with. They typically own the applications for every line of business, and they are expected to not only maintain application availability, but also to deliver new applications faster—at the speed of digitalization. They need to focus on business outcomes and align IT initiatives (existing and new) to drive business value. What is important is providing better solutions to their clients, not managing infrastructure or boxes. Business applications support what a business needs to do, which is why the number of new applications being deployed is skyrocketing.

So rather than applications being viewed from the traditional approach of infrastructure and network devices, they need to be assessed from an application-centric perspective—specifically the business applications that actually generate revenue.

Through this approach, I&O teams get complete visibility of critical applications and their respective traffic flows to better understand how minor outages affect them. They will get visibility into what the applications are, which ADC device or virtual server the applications are on, which services they need to access, what other dependencies the applications have, who owns the application, and so on. Adopting an application-centric approach to ADC management ensures that essential applications are available and operating as they should!

This approach quickly identifies which service is down and uncovers blind spots in the application network. It enables application teams to clearly communicate their needs, and the network team to troubleshoot application outages quickly and with greater context and visibility.

Taking an app-centric approach to ADC management is one way to address various application delivery challenges. There are many challenges that stop I&O teams from addressing the changes that digitalization demands. Read the white paper ADC Management and Automation Across Complex and Dynamic Infrastructure to learn more about the various challenges of managing a dynamic ADC environment and the solutions that can help manage and automate ADCs efficiently to speed application delivery.


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