Network Management from the Application Perspective

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AppViewX 10.5 was a big leap in the application delivery networking space, providing deeper integrations with vendor APIs, custom reporting, app-centric device management, and advanced operational capabilities. With 10.6, AppViewX is moving forward to meet network management requirements and provide customers with much more than a management solution. One of the major updates is integration with Akamai GTMs, adding another ADC platform along with F5, Citrix, and Cisco.

It has become mission-critical to all businesses to have enterprise key and certificate management (EKCM) across complex networks to ensure protection and prevent unanticipated expirations. AppViewX’s Certificate Lifecycle Automation solution is an EKCM solution that provides discovery, enrollment, monitoring, validation, notification, provisioning, remediation, reporting, and revocation of certificates. In the current release,It provides end-to-end provisioning of servers and enrollments of external intermediate CAs.

Application-centric management of Akamai GTMs

With its Application Delivery Automation solution, AppViewX manages Akamai GTM devices, provides a topological view of the applications, and includes other advanced management and operational capabilities, such as sophisticated and customizable dashboards, one-click traffic management capabilities, self-servicing features across the service infrastructure, and more.

Enhanced backup and restore

AppViewX now archives the complete configuration of multiple managed devices (UCS backup) at a user-defined interval, compares any two archived backups, and provides granular, object-level restoring and rollback options. It also provides the ability to perform actions and take backup on standby devices. This makes a central repository of multiple archives or individual device archives available to serve multiple purposes.

Integrated QIP DNS provisioning

There is now integration with the QIP DNS management system to provision new A, CNAME, and PTR records. The user does not need to manually fetch IPs to add a QIP device; AppViewX gets the free IPs. This allows the user to search for application services by their DNS names and get a topology view of specific applications with the associated objects.

End-to-end certificate automation

AppViewX integrates with external commercial certificate authorities, such as GeoTrust, and Microsoft CA, to offer end-to-end certificate lifecycle management that allows application owners to order, push, renew, and revoke SSL/TLS certificates without manual intervention.

End-to-end provisioning of servers

The solution enables installation of certificates onto servers such as Apache, Oracle iPlanet, Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, and Microsoft IIS.

Validation report on certificate installation

Advanced reporting capabilities check whether the application’s fully qualified domain name (FQDN) matches the common name of the certificate and if the associated chain certificates are installed successfully onto the application. This helps to diagnose problems with SSL/TLS certificate installation. Users can verify the SSL/TLS certificate to make sure it is correctly installed, valid, trusted, and doesn’t produce any errors.


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