Embracing Network Automation to Support Business-Driven Application Delivery

Today’s digital economy demands that enterprises build applications more often; provision them instantly; scale those applications as-needed, and integrate with other services seamlessly. Advancements in network automation now make it easy for mainstream enterprises to respond to these demands, no matter the industry. By taking full advantage of network automation and standardized automation workflows, organizations – whether they are in the financial services market or in other industries – are seeing real cost savings.

Recently, a Global Fortune 100 financial services organization adopted the AppViewX platform to provide automated application delivery on load balancing hardware (GSLB or SLB devices). This company was moving toward a more application-centric model and needed the ability to more easily integrate these new applications into their existing systems. They wanted to trade the load balancing functionalities and lay the foundation for zero touch deployment to support the business’s banking needs.

Now, they can simply utilize a self-service form when they need for SLB object creation or modify existing configurations. AppViewX can automatically implement the changes across application delivery infrastructure – on-premise or even cloud. They built a “greenfield” infrastructure and moved forward with a new “application Platform as a Service” (aPaaS) infrastructure.

As many organizations modernize their infrastructure with open source software, this particular financial firm picked the OpenShift Container Platform to configure new application deployments. ADC deployment impacts application delivery, so they wanted to automate the whole application deployment process without any manual intervention. And, how fast you can make an application production-ready depends on how fast you can deploy an SLB object for it. By starting with a simple automation workflow for SLB creation, the company can now start automating GSLB configurations, DDI, and so on.

The dynamic SLB and GSLB parameters are coded in OpenShift. Through REST interface, Application Provisioning System (APS) – a sub-system of AppViewX – receives the request and automates the implementation of both local and global load balancing services. After the request is submitted, it talks to ServiceNow to create a ticket that contains all the information the application owner entered. APS talks to Infoblox and picks up a free IP. Not only is an IP is fetched for the VIP, but DNS records (A record and PTR record) are also created for the application in the corresponding IPAM system.

No engineers are involved, allowing for a true zero-touch provisioning experience. This standard network change management process speeds the application delivery and change management process significantly, while still maintaining accuracy and control for the user. With network automation, these requests can be completed in as little as 20 minutes, compared to the days to weeks necessary for manual processing.

Since adopting the AppViewX platform, this financial services customer has automated most of its service requests. The ultimate vision is a fully automated application Platform as a Service, offering a full range of automated application delivery services.

We supply prepackaged automation workflows to address various application deployment scenarios, including the creation or modification of SLB objects, to help businesses like these provision applications faster. Using our tools and products, NetOps can build more efficient, streamlined and user-friendly application deployment infrastructure to achieve the agility necessary to operate in today’s digital world.

Visit the AppViewX GitHub for some standard automation workflows, available for trial with an AppViewX instance in your environment. Contact us for more information.


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