Customize Outage Alerts to Stay Ahead of the Game

Customize outage

Organizations host many applications whose management is equally dependent on the application and the network teams. Metrics critical to the network team might not necessarily be important to an application business unit and vice versa. For any outage, it is essential that all business units are alerted, but organizations feel that the alerts are very generic and difficult to analyze from the perspective of individual units.

To solve this, AppViewX has a wide range of alerts that can be configured by users for various scenarios. This can be device alerts, application alerts, threshold alerts, and certificate alerts for your F5 BIG-IPs, A10 Thunder ADCs, Citrix NetScalers, and others.

For individual applications, AppViewX users can specify multiple parameters relevant to monitoring and can configure the alerts either as email or SNMP traps. For instance, let’s assume a user wants to be alerted when application XYZ crosses the threshold of 1000 connections. AppViewX would provide the user flexibility to select the specific application XYZ and also specify the alerting condition for the alerts to be configured. Based on the issue, the alert’s severity can also be tagged as fatal, critical, major, or minor.

Another pain point that many organizations face is keeping track of SSL/TLS certificates that are about to expire, which is often managed using old-school Excel grids. AppViewX’s Certificate Lifecycle Automation solution helps by enabling users set up individual emails alerting them of the imminent expiration of certificates and also to configure application-level alerts, device-level alerts, and syslog alerts. It integrates with all major certificate authorities.


  • Application Outages
  • certificate lifecycle management
  • Certificate Management
  • Certificate Outage

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