Automate Application Deployment on F5 BIG-IPs

AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution works in sync with F5 devices by completely automating applications on BIG-IP LTMs and GTMs and enabling users to pre-define and customize standard templates per organizational norms. The Application Provisioning System (APS) in AppViewX gives users the ability to create templates using a simple form factor on the front end and a powerful Python code at the back end. These workflows automate the generation of configurations, such as creating a VIP or wide IP, modifying configurations, and creating a virtual server on an LTM device with associate profiles, monitors, iRules, etc.

To put things in perspective, let’s take the process of creating a virtual server as an example. A senior network architect or network engineer creates the form while simultaneously scripting out the logic through Python. As an end user, all you have to do is request a specific form and fill in the necessary information (IP address, IP port, pool, pool members, etc.). Once the request is submitted, AppViewX automatically processes the information from the form and churns out TMSH commands with all embedded details.

AppViewX F5 BIG IPs

APS is also tied to a workflow system that scrutinizes every change going into the devices for errors before implementation. This approach drastically reduces the number of manual configuration errors and the time from request to delivery, ensuring that application deployments on BIG-IPs are completed in minutes rather than in days or weeks.

In addition, APS allows users to orchestrate IPAM and DNS systems—including Infoblox, QIP, and others—to get application details, such as IP addresses, and to create DNS entries without having to log into different systems. Integrations into ITSMs, such as ServiceNow and Remedy, and firewall systems, such as Palo Alto, Cisco ASA, Juniper SRX, and others, makes AppViewX a centralized console for application deployment.

And what’s more, you can either implement these VIP creations or other changes manually or schedule them to run automatically. If all your configurations need to be pushed out to the ADCs during a pre-allocated time window, you just have to schedule it, and AppViewX will automatically take care of the rest.


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