Aligning NetSecOps For The Greater Good…

Traditionally, Network and Security teams have been poles apart. For long, they have operated in silos, and focused on very specific aspects of the infrastructure.

In this age of digital transformation, application Modernization, and threats around security looming large, an Integrated application delivery and Security is imperative. Considering the growing need for operational agility, especially with the emergence of newer technologies such as Public cloud, Edge, IoT, remote connectivity etc, it is imperative for organizations to recognize the importance of integrating security into almost every facet of the Infrastructure i.e establishing a greater sense of collaboration between the Network and Security teams.


Key EMA Research findings: 

  • Network operations and security operations teams have increased collaboration in more than 75% of enterprises.
  • NetSecOps partnerships primarily lead to faster resolutions of security issues, reduced security risk, and improved operational efficiency.
  • 75% of network teams shared data from their DDI management solutions with security teams. 
  • 91% of organizations believe that automation tools are important to facilitating NetSecOps collaboration

It is interesting to note how 91% believe that automation tools are critical but largely network automation still continues to be a laggard, with enterprise wide adoption still being slow. 


Breaking the Silos with Automation

The Infrastructure complexity is likely to increase given the multi-cloud shift. The report highlights the critical resources which Network and Security teams are aiming for self-service offerings for their application teams. At the top of the priority list being:

  1. Provisioning L4-L7 Application and Security Services
  2. Application Observability
  3. DNS Management and automation

The report also highlights the fact that more than 90% believe automation tools are important to this collaboration, with 44.8% saying they are very important for an effective NetSecOps collaboration. 

This is where investing in Network automation tools can help streamline processes like Configuration and change management, service orchestration, and security audits. Automation enables cross team collaboration, ensures consistency and easy rollouts of configuration changes, controls, Reduction in errors and more importantly repeatable application deployments.

How can AppViewX help NetSecOps?

AppViewX provides a  Low-Code Automation Platform for Network & Cloud Infrastructure to ensure Consistent Application delivery for App owners, NetOps, SecOps and DevOps :

Key Capabilities:

  • Central Platform: Single platform for Multi-cloud, Multi Vendor Application delivery and Security 
  • Automation: Automate DDI, ADC, Firewall, WAF, SSL/TLS services
  • API first Orchestration: Intelligent workflow Orchestration to streamline Business process and Change Management.
  • Observability: Application centric Observability and Insights to monitor, troubleshoot application issues.
  • Self-servicing for Line of Business: Standardised Self-service offerings to provision Application and Security services
  • Compliance: Define Golden configurations with automated Compliance and Patch Remediation

ADC Product

Self-servicing for Line of Business

API first Orchestration

Automation tools can only serve as enablers to break the silos. The need of the hour, however, is for a decisive Top-down leadership approach to bring teams together to ensure operational agility, and collaboration by considering a pragmatic near and long term approach in driving adoption of Network and Security orchestration and automation.

Automate your network today!


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