4 Steps to Achieve Agility through Network Automation

Every day, NetOps must address a mounting queue of service requests and troubleshooting tickets sent by application owners and other business units. In the midst of this, NetOps is also responsible for deploying new services with little lead time, all as they work with multiple teams spread across complex, multi-vendor environments. While troubleshooting existing applications and deploying new ones are the primary responsibilities of NetOps teams, they are often forced to spend more time on simple operational tasks, like managing tickets. Without network automation and cross-team collaboration processes in place, service requests and application deployments can take weeks or even months to complete.

So, how can NetOps tool simplify the deployment process to deliver services on-time and without error? Let’s look at how AppViewX helps enterprises implement network automation functions to deliver services faster with the AppViewX Platform.

#1 Network Infrastructure Discovery

The most important step to more efficiently deploying application services is gaining full visibility into your existing infrastructure. Unfortunately, manually creating a visio diagram of a complex infrastructure is not easy or accurate. By adding all the devices in your environment to inventory, the AppViewX Platform uses device credentials to auto-discover various network components and configurations across multi-vendor and hybrid infrastructures. Inframaps provides a single pane of management that generates an intuitive app-centric representation of infrastructures with the state, status and topology of managed service components.

#2 Enable self-servicing

As the demand for faster service delivery grows, different teams in organizations, especially NetOps, application teams and DevOps will be forced to work together to close the digital chasm. The AppViewX Platform allows administrators to delegate access to various teams, providing a powerful and collaborative workspace. With multiple teams working on a single live infrastructure map, it is easy to identify what went wrong and fix the issues in real-time. As a result, organizations will see lower ticket volumes and an overall decline in troubleshooting times.

#3 Automate workflows and ticket creation

To streamline business processes, the AppViewX Platform allows you to build both simple and complex automation workflows to automate service requests and achieve operational agility. Integration with various ITSM systems helps to simplify the entire workflow management and automation process. For example, a network architect can define a workflow using a simple, drag and drop interface and task library. NetOps teams can then execute these approved workflows by capturing the basic information needed to spin a virtual machine or address other simple requests. Change tickets are created automatically for the requests raised in the AppViewX Platform, assigned to an ITSM system, and closed post-implementation. In many cases, requests that could take weeks to implement are resolved in just minutes.

#4 Simplify the design and deployment of infrastructure services

Applications are deployed across diverse environments using multi-vendor services. To design a new application infrastructure, network architects can leverage existing service components using the AppViewX Platform to initiate role-based automation workflows. They can simply drag the components on the visual canvas and perform new actions by associating automated workflows. Once they define the infrastructure and services, they can deploy the new application across any environment – on-premise or in the cloud – at the click of a button. This action can then be saved as a Blueprint then repeatedly deployed, saving teams the significant time it takes to design infrastructure from scratch.

The AppViewX Platform offers network automation and orchestration tools called AppVision and Visual Workflow – to address network and application service requests across multi-vendor and hybrid infrastructure. By allowing users to automate service requests, the AppViewX Platform helps users save time and effort, thus contributing to better service delivery and operational efficiency.


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